I’ll be the first to admit that leading a healthy lifestyle and managing weight may not always be easy. Maybe you have a lot of stress factors, have suffered from an injury, struggle with motivation or simply just don’t know where to start.


But hey, that’s where I come in! Having been a personal trainer and coach for almost 8 years I have worked with many amazing people and helped them to achieve their health and fitness goals. So, what are you waiting for? If any of the above sounds like you… contact me today for a FREE consultation.

Amy xo





"I just want to say a massive thank you to Amy. Back in September I took advantage of her amazing #WorkOutToHelpOut scheme and have been doing an hour session every week.


I have always struggled with panic attacks and would get them frequently when working out. Since Amy has been working with me I haven’t had a single one in our session. She helps me breathe through the exercises. I never used to believe people who would tell me exercise was good for your mental health but I can honestly say after missing a week last week due to illness I now know it’s true.


Even an hour a week makes me feel so good. It’s time for myself and I feel so proud of myself for achieving each session. Amy has been the best think to come out of lockdown and is really helping my achieve my goals. Not only my PT but my friend. Thank you Amy xxxx"

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