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6 Ways To Track Your Fitness Progress

While working towards becoming fitter, it can be easy to become discouraged as you work towards your goals. Tracking your fitness progress can help you to stay motivated and on target, and keeping a record of how you're doing is a sure way of seeing that you are making progress!

Here are some of the best ways to track your progress...

Measure Your Body

Measuring your body is a great way to track even the smallest of changes! Muscle weighs more than fat, so while there may not be much change on the scales, you may notice that your hips, waist, thighs and other body parts do change.

Not only is measuring your body good for tracking weight loss, it is also useful for identifying any imbalances, strengths and weaknesses.

Record How You Feel

Keeping a journal on how you feel is a good way of tracking your mood, what you're habits are and reflecting on your progress. One of the biggest benefits of exercise is that it releases endorphins, your 'feel good' hormone, which can improve your mood and wellbeing - so check in after a session and see how you're feeling!

Other things that are beneficial to record are; your quality of sleep, food habits and/or calorie intake, energy levels, water intake and workouts!

Use Your Clothes as a Guide

We all have clothes that we'd like to fit into or fill out better. So, the fit and feel of your clothes can be a great guide to tracking the progress you may not see in other methods. Find a pair of jeans that you love and use the fit to measure how you're doing.

Take Progress Pictures

When you see yourself everyday, it can sometimes be hard to see the changes in your body just by looking in the mirror. Taking a few pictures every couple of weeks is a great way to track the changes to your body composition.

Take a picture from the front, side and back, and for a more accurate comparison, wear the same clothes every time and take the photos at roughly the same time of day each time.

Get a Health Check

Exercise has many benefits on your health, including reducing the risk of chronic heart disease, lessening your chance of becoming overweight, positive mental wellbeing, pain management and much more!

So if you started exercising to improve your overall health, having health check-ups with your doctor can be a great way of tracking blood pressure, cholesterol, lung function and weight.