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Making Time to Exercise... The Age Long Excuse

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

One of my favourite excuses to hear for not exercising is “I haven’t got time” … now, do you really not have time, or do you not want to have time?

You see, I’m not really sure I believe in this excuse… I think it goes much deeper. If you think about it (really think about it) the “I have no time” really comes down to one or more of the following things; a lack of motivation to exercise, maybe a fear or negative associations of exercising, a lack of enjoyment, or maybe it comes down to having a low self-esteem.

Making Time to Exercise

Okay, okay, if you’re adamant on the excuse of having no time… I suppose I better help you out. So, I have outlined 6 things you can do to create time in your busy lives to fit in some exercise, improve your health and feel great!

Make a plan

So, most of you busy folk probably have diaries (personal, work or both) and for the tech savvy out there your google calendars and multiple apps… but how many of you use these various means of organising our days to schedule time in your day to exercise?

Scheduling a workout into your daily routine can help you stick to it as there is less chance of scheduling some other nonsense into your day and also helps you to stay motivated.

Limit your screen time

We are ALL guilty of this one… even me, especially as I am sat here writing to you lovely lot while watching Sex and the City (what better inspiration than Carrie Bradshaw!) But did you know that an average Brit spends around 4 hours a day watching TV/boxset and/or videos on YouTube?! – that’s a lot of unnecessary time that could be spent improving your health.

So switch off the series, put down the videos of cute kittens and go for a walk or bike ride, a gym session or exercise class – you’d be surprised how much more you can fit in your day if you cut back on the screen time.

Wake up earlier

Yes, some of you will HATE this one… but the early bird catches the worm – or in this case the summer bod! Getting up earlier will ensure you get your workout in and nothing will ‘come up’ and get in the way. PLUS working out first thing will get the endorphins flowing and set you up for a great day!

Think positive

Mindset plays a huge role in how you approach your day, and a positive mindset is a powerful way to support healthier lifestyle choices. Instead of telling yourself that you “have no time” or “I am too busy” start telling yourself “I do have time, I am going to prioritise me” because in the wise words of Loreal, you ARE worth it. Having positive thought patterns will gradually fade out the negative ones and thus improving self-esteem and motivation to take care of you.

HIIT the sweat

HIIT training is a great way to burn calories without having to commit yourself to hours in the gym or gruelling runs around the streets. High intensity interval training (HIIT) combines short burst of intense exercise (20-90 seconds) with short bursts of rest. Now whilst this may sound exhausting, you can also do 30 minutes and burn around 350-450 calories! AND you don’t need any equipment, meaning you can do your workout at home and take out the travel time as well! So, we have now cut down your 1-hour gym workout and 30-minute round trip, for the same number of calories – you’re welcome.

Steps, steps, steps – and being efficient with them

So, we’re all aware of the magic steps number of 10,000 a day… now, let’s be honest, how many of us actually achieve 10,000 steps, moreover achieve higher than that?

Walking is a good fat burning, low-impact exercise, however it can be hard to achieve 10,000+ a day if your job revolves around