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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Meal Planning

I’m sure you’ve all seen those keenos on social media that smugly upload pictures of neatly stacked Tupperware filled with different meals for the week, yes? And you may wonder why these Tupperware loving, freaks of nature go to so much trouble to prepare their meals for the week. Well, asides from ‘doing it for the gram’ there is actually some pretty solid logic as to why you should plan your meals…

Now you don’t necessarily have to go and buy the Tupperware shelf at B&M and battle to get it to fit in your freezer – if you’re like me and have a letterbox for a freezer then you have no hope! But simply planning your meals for the week can improve your nutrition and provide structure.

Why Should You Meal Plan?

Help with Weight Control

By planning your meals in advanced you can help to control your weight by ensuring you eat nutritionally balanced meals. You can make sure that you are getting the right amount of carbs, fats and proteins and also make sure that you have the right calorie balance for your personal needs/goals.

Make Healthier Choices

If you’re having to sort out dinner last minute, the chances are you either end up going out for dinner or popping around the corner to Tesco Express, umming and ahhing about what you fancy and end up picking up a pizza or a microwave carbonara! Both of those options no doubt resulting in you exceeding your calorie intake for the day – not where we want to be.

Save Money

With a meal plan you can create your shopping list with a purpose. This means that rather than wandering around the shop aimlessly throwing things into your trolley, including a dozen unhealthy snacks and goodies, you can shop to your budget and nutritional needs.

Having a meal plan prevents you from wasting food (and therefore money) that you forgot you had and allows you to use up food in the cupboards and freezer.

Save Time

Along with saving money, your shopping list will help you save time as it will stop you from staring aimlessly at the at the cold meats while you decide on what it is you actually want.

If you find that your weekdays are quite busy with work and other commitments, you can take some time out of your weekend to prepare some meals for the week (told you there was some logic to the Tupperware freaks). Pre-prepared pasta and couscous salads make great lunch options for work that can be spread over multiple days.

Decrease Stress

It can be stressful having to conjure up a dinner after a hard day at work or running around after the kids. Stress can be reduced by having a plan and you can always re-use your meal plan to reduce planning time!

So, there we go... five reasons why you should start meal planning as of now.