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The Secret to Losing Weight

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

As a society we have long been on the hunt for magic pills and potions that will turn our flabby midriffs into solid abs of steal. Those alternative ways of losing weight, melting the fat away and getting that ‘dream bod’… quick fixes if you will, yet somehow, we find ourselves with our cupboards looking like boots pharmacy and no change to our physical appearance. Why? Fear not my flat stomach seeking friends, I am here to tell you the secret (drum roll please…).

There isn’t one. That’s right, no secret, no magic pill, no fat blasting tea concoction, no waistband band that vibrates the fat from your soul – nothing, na-da, absolutely zilch. And the biggest secret of all… you already knew that! Let’s face it, if it was as easy as drinking a spuriously tasting tea, we’d all be walking around looking like the cast of Baywatch.

Losing Weight: In vs Out

Losing weight is as simple as expending more calories than you consume. Now if, like me, you like your food then this simple equation can become somewhat more difficult and thus requires a magic ingredient… willpower. Yes, if you want it enough you have two options; exercise for 4-5 hours a day and eat what you want (not particularly realistic – or enjoyable unless you’re a low-level maniac) or simply introduce exercise into your daily routine (30mins-1hour) and start watching what you eat and monitor your calorie intake. Here’s some fun maths for you keenos out there – if you couldn’t give a flying monkeys about the maths skip to the next paragraph…

Basic Maths

1g fat = 9kcal… in order to lose 1lb of fat a week you will need a deficit of 454g of fat per week which is equal to 4,086kcals. Therefore, you would need to be in a deficit of 584kcals (4086 / 7 = 584) per day, of your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate = the number of calories you need to perform basic life-sustaining functions).

3 Steps to Losing Weight

Ok, that’s the maths done (sorry about that). The harsh truth is that as a society we have become lazy and dare I say, greedy. We need to move more, eat less processed, high calorie foods and reduce our portion sizes. It’s easy to put a ready meal in the microwave, or chicken nuggets and chips in the oven, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a Chinese while watching BGT! But this is where 70% of the problem lies… we aren’t eating the right nutritious foods and we are consuming too much. We weren’t built to eat processed foods with high sugar and saturated fat contents. And we certainly weren’t built to eat plates piled high with the stuff.

The other 30% comes from a lack of exercise. Again, we weren’t built to sit around on our backsides all day – if that were the case, we’d have been born a potato. When we move, we burn more calories. Therefore, the more we move, the more calories we burn… simple right? Now I know what some of you are thinking… I don’t have time to exercise, but politely put, rubbish. That’s just what the exercise devil on your shoulder is telling you– and guess what, it’s lying. Check out my blog on finding time to exercise.

So, there you go… the secret (that everyone knows) to losing weight:

1. Move more

2. Eat less processed, high calorie foods

3. Reduce your portion size